Meet the Top Hygge Watch Designs

Hygge watches from Denmark are changing the way we think about the modern watch. The designers at Hygge love to defy convention and produce luxurious watches that make wearing a timepiece fun.

You can see the playful approach to design in each of the brand’s best-selling designs, which include:

  • 3012 Series. The 3012 series timepieces capture the eye instantly, but it takes a moment to figure out why. It’s only after a second glance that you realise you’re not looking at the traditional hands you expect to see on a watch. Instead of circling hands, the 3012 Series Hygge watch features spinning round dials with notched pointers that indicate the hours and minutes. The series includes black and white dials with different accent colours.
  • 2204 Series. The 2204 Series brings the chronograph timepiece to life in a whole new way. Although it features the typical trio of dials, the sub-dials are placed asymmetrically and each set with a different coloured hand for a modern look. To enhance the asymmetry of the design, Hygge places textured dots along the left side of the dial while keeping the right smooth. A coloured second hand adds a vibrant finishing touch to the 2204 Series design, which is offered in black and white with metal bracelets and leather straps.

WatchBandit features all of the looks from the 3012 Series and 2204 Series from Hygge at competitive prices. Explore the Hygge watch collection and see how their imaginative approach to watchmaking comes to life.

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