Meridiem Solar and Mechanical Watches

When a watch company wants to set themselves apart from the competition, they often make a change in a design’s visual features, such as striving to create the timepiece with the most minimalistic design or hoping to craft a watch steeped in rich, traditional aesthetics. That is not the case with Meridiem watches. These timepieces change things up by eliminating the need for a battery and instead replacing it with a unique mechanism that allows you to charge your battery by using the movements of your hand or light of any kind–indoor or outdoor.

The Meridiem watch collection features stunning, unique watches that anyone can wear. These watches feature a 316L stainless steel case that has just the right amount of thickness to be noticeable, yet comfortable. These watches feature an option between a brass dial with a meteorite frame and a metal dial with a Japanese, hard transparent frame. These timepieces also come with two movements, a Seiko VS42 Solar Movement or a Miyota 8215 Automatic Movement, both of which are incredibly reliable and accurate. Unifying their timepieces is 10 ATM water resistance and Curved K1 Mineral crystal lens with a sapphire coating that can resist scratches. Genuine Italian leather straps with a stainless steel pin buckle finish off the look.

Currently, these watches are being funded on Kickstarter. For a minimum pledge of around $141, you can get an early bird watch from Meridiem. This watch campaign has raised $13,564 of its $19,875 goal with 5 days to go.

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  1. I like to wear the mechanical watches…Last week I purchased Fortis Watches from watchpartners for my brother and husband at an amazing price. These timepieces look so stylish and luxurious. These timepieces have useful and advanced features…Really worth it.

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