Meshable Watches: Bringing Back the Mesh Band in a Big Way

The mesh bracelet watch has come in and out of fashion over the years. The first time the straps came into fashion was in 19th century Milan, where Italian men began showing off timepieces with distinctive metal bands that looked as if they could be woven from fabric. After military watches dominated trends during the early 20th century, mesh found its way back into the limelight during the middle part of the 1900s. Now, a German watch brand called Meshable is bringing the look back to the fashion forefront.

The founders of Meshable watches are long-time watch collectors who were inspired by both modern street style and urban architecture when creating their line-up of watches. The founders loved the mesh band because it could so easily transition from casual to dress and back again, making watches with the bands capable of coordinating stylishly with anything in a man’s wardrobe.

Because Meshable watches are intended to be worn for all of life’s occasions, the brand uses high quality materials that ensure durability. The watches feature Miyota Japanese quartz movements, and both the cases and the straps are crafted out of fine grade stainless steel. Scratch resistant sapphire crystals finish off the design of these sleek, clean looking timepieces. At present, the Meshable collection includes a single design available in three different finishes.

Meshable watches for men are currently available for purchase directly from the company at the official meshable website. WatchBandit hopes to offer Meshable watches in the nearest future, until then please have a look at our current watch catalog.

(Picture by Meshable watches)

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