Metropolitan Automatic Watch Collection: MCM Watches at Modern Prices

Mid-century modern design has become a major trend in both interior design and fashion. Today, many men are on the hunt for authentic vintage timepieces from the mid-century modern era, and as a result, prices on these retro watches have soared. This leaves many men unable to purchase or even to find timepieces that reflect their interest in MCM Design. Now, Rossling & Co. has come up with a stylish solution–their Metropolitan Automatic Watch Collection.

The Metropolitan Automatic Watch Collection is a line of six luxury timepieces that are patterned after authentic mid-century modern watches from the 1960s. Inside of the watches, Calibre 90S5/9015 Japanese automatic mechanisms keep track of the passage of time with a very high degree of accuracy. The watches are of true heirloom quality with 316L stainless steel cases. Each watch in the collection will only be made in a limited edition series of 399 pieces.

To bring the Metropolitan Automatic Watch Collection to market, Rossling & Co. has embarked on a Kickstarter campaign. Their initial goal for funding was $24,500, and the response to the new watch design has been overwhelming. At the time that this piece was written, there were still 24 days left to go in the campaign, but Rossling & Co. had already received more than $101,000 in contributions from over 265 backers. There were still many rewards left to be claimed, and the brand was working toward stretch goals. The Metropolitan collection is expected to ship to backers in March 2017.

(Picture by Rossling & Co.)

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