Miang Copenhagen Watches: Custom Designed by You

Ask men what their ideal timepiece is, and you’ll receive as many different answers as there are respondents to your question. No two men have the exact same desires, needs and tastes when it comes to watches. In the past, that has meant that men had to seek out brands that offered one or two watches that might uniquely appeal to them, but Miang Copenhagen is changing that. The company allows men to find the perfect watch with ease by allowing each customer to design their own timepiece.

Founded by a Danish watch collector named Jens Ole Miang, Miang Copenhagen offers men the chance to become the designer and create timepieces that are uniquely their own. The brand has just two main styles available, but with just this pair of watches, there are more than 400,000 finished combinations of features that can be created. The watches feature Seagull mechanical movement or automatic movement systems and are constructed from premium materials, including Italian calf leather and 316L stainless steel.

Because of the customisation aspect of Miang Copenhagen watches, the brand’s timepieces must be purchased directly from the manufacturer. Miang Copenhagen has an easy to use website that allows customers to select all of the features that they wish to have included in their designs. Even though the brand provides bespoke watches, their price points are affordable at just $295 and $345. After ordering, the timepieces are shipped within 4 weeks and are even engraved with the purchaser’s name right on the back.

(Picture from Miang Copenhagen Watches)

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