Minimalist Pairing Starring a Rolex Submariner

When you have a luxurious timepiece like the Rolex Submariner, the last thing you want is to detract from it if you’re mixing and matching replacement straps and accessories. That’s why we love the look that we recently spotted on the feed of Instagram user @at0mski. He managed to combine his Rolex Submariner with products from our collection that enhance its look without detracting from its overall aesthetic.

@at0mski’s purchased one of our 20mm Black Perlon Watch Straps to change up the look of his timepiece. The replacement band is a perfect choice for that watch, as the black Perlon weave sets off the bezel and the dial. The strap is sure to be a nice change from the heavy bracelet, especially on hot days. @at0mski also placed one of our White Gold Black Leather Anchor Bracelets with the watch. Leather is the perfect luxe companion for the Rolex, and the black and silver tone of the bracelet coordinates with the strap and watch handsomely.

Nicely done, @at0mski! Please keep sharing!

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