Miro Scandinavian Born

When automobile manufacturers have changed the face of the industry, they didn’t reinvent the wheel. Instead, they focused on refining existing automotive styles, elevating their styles and enhancing their performances. They saw a need and then created designs to meet it, leading to new innovations that forever transformed transportation. Miro watches is now doing the same thing to the world of watchmaking. By taking a new approach to the classic art form of creating a timepiece, Miro is offering a product that appeals to modern men and that is quickly becoming one of the hottest trendsetters in the world of men’s watches.

Scandinavian Born

Miro watches is a Scandinavian watchmaking company founded in 2012. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and is considered a micro brand, a company that focuses on creating a limited number of luxury quality timepieces. By making only a handful of styles, Miro is able to produce watches of truly impressive quality while still keeping price points reasonable and suited for men who wish to own more than one high quality timepiece.

A Solutions Driven Brand

From the start, Miro watches has been about providing solutions to modern men who were looking for functional, yet fashionable timepieces. The founders of Miro are longtime watch enthusiasts who appreciated the quality of well made watches; however, they struggled to find watches that were perfectly suited to their tastes. Overall, they felt that timepieces for men were overly bulky and heavy. Even watches geared toward dressy and professional wear were just too chunky and rugged to suit their sensibilities. Instead of settling for something less than the ideal timepiece, they decided to try creating their own collection of luxury watches with slimmer, sleeker proportions and designs that were still appealing in appearance to men. After tinkering and experimenting, the Miro brand was finally born.

Watchmaking as an Art Form

The Miro brand is named for Joan Miró, an artist from Catalonia, Spain who lived from 1893 to 1983. During his career, he worked in both painting and sculptural art forms, experimenting with surrealism and dadaism primarily. The founders of Miro appreciated the imaginative approach that Miro had toward creating his masterpieces. With his sculptures and paintings in mind, they designed Miro timepieces with mid-century modern minimalism in mind while still giving their watches a timeless look that remains ever in fashion.

The Miro Lineup

The current Miro lineup includes variations on a simple theme. Straps are made from either natural leather or quality steel mesh in a variety of colors and finishes. Dials are available in navy blue, gray, black or cream, and cases come in grey or gold. By mixing and matching the various elements, Miro offers a unified, sleek collection of luxurious timepieces. Straps and cases can also be purchased individually for mixing and matching, giving the collection truly unparalleled versatility. Miro timepieces are only sold by authorized retailers like WatchBandit and sell for around €140 to €160. See the whole Miro collection here.

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