Modernizing a Classic Cartier

In 1847, jeweler Louis-Francois Cartier opened his family business in Paris, France. By the turn of the century, the Cartier company was designing jewelry and watches for royalty and celebrities and had come to be known as the King of Jewelers due to their prestigious clientele. Today, Cartier watches remain synonymous with luxury, and vintage designs are especially popular and renowned.

If you’re the owner of a classic Cartier timepiece, you can wear your watch for nearly any occasion and look perfectly in style. But what if you want to give your timepiece a more modern look to suit casual attire and show off your trendy side? A WatchBandit Anchor Bracelet is the perfect way to put a modern touch on a vintage Cartier watch.

We put together this look with a Cartier watch and the WatchBandit South Pacific Anchor Bracelet with a white-gold plated anchor. The color of the anchor coordinates perfectly with the silver tone of the square case, echoing its sleek look. The South Pacific is a great contrast for the simple black of the leather strap, as it features a bright yellow nylon base with royal blue and red fibres. With a neutral go-with-everything band like this one, you can pair virtually any of our nylon anchor bracelets for a polished look, but the bold colors really brighten things up and add contemporary flair.

Check out the anchor bracelets collection here at WatchBandit and find the right style to modernize your classic Cartier.

(Owners WristShot by abewd)

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