More Nautical Rope Bracelet and Anicorn Watch Match-Ups

We recently showed you two of our favourite Anicorn watch and nautical rope bracelet combinations inspired by our brand new selection of watches. There wasn’t enough room to include all of the pairings that we liked the best, so we thought we’d do a follow-up and show you some more styles.

Anicorn Black & Yellow Watch PLUS South Pacific Nautical Bracelet

Primary colour combinations are always bold, and when you combine them with the dark black look of the Anicorn Black & Yellow Watch you get something hugely fashionable. The yellow on the dial of the watch is set off by the dominant hue of the South Pacific Nautical Bracelet. Then, you get the added style appeal of the blue and red accent fibres on the bracelet. This would be a great pairing to wear with short sleeves, so you could really see the full effect.

Anicorn Black & Blue Watch PLUS Bering Nautical Bracelet

We like the way these two pieces work together because the nautical bracelet echoes the look of the Anicorn Black & Blue Watch, enhancing its minimalistic look without altering its ambiance. The effect comes from the black base colour of the Bering Nautical Bracelet, which is enlivened by the blue accent fibres that coordinate with the arch of blue on the dial. The little pops of white on the bracelet are reminiscent of the hour markers.

You can check out the other nautical rope bracelet designs available from WatchBandit right here. Shop the collection and devise pairings for your watches or for an Anicorn timepiece!

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