MVMT Watches: Record Breaking Designs That Don’t Break the Bank

When it comes time to purchase a watch, it can feel like you have to decide whether you want to invest a lot of money or get a well-made watch with a stylish look. That’s the way the watch industry has been for years, so it’s not surprising that a watchmaker that has managed to put an end to having to choose between affordability and quality is making headlines and breaking records the way that MVMT Watches is.

MVMT Watches made history with their Indiegogo campaign. In just 60 days, the company generated $200,000 of revenue to launch their watch line, making them the second highest earning fashion campaign of all time on the site. The watches have also caught the attention of major men’s publications like GQ and Playboy.

Why all the success? Well, you only need look at the designs in the MVMT Watches and then let your eye drift to their prices. The brand offers a selection of sleek modern timepieces, none of which cost more than $110, and sophisticated minimalist chronograph watches, which retail for $140 or less. Despite their bargain prices, the watches are truly of exceptional quality and made from premium materials like hardened mineral crystal and Miyota Japanese quartz movements. The collection includes a wide range of styles with every watch designed to transition from casual to professional dress with ease.

Currently, you can purchase MVMT Watches leather and bracelet watches for men on the brand’s official website. Pre orders are also being taken for the chronograph timepieces, which are expected to ship some time in July 2015. At WatchBandit we hope to be able to offer watches from MVMT in the nearest future, until then please have a look at our current watch offerings here.

(Picture and video from MVMT Watches)

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