N Plus One Watches: Many Timepieces in One

A watch is much more than a practical fashion accessory. While you use it to track the hours, a watch also reflects your sense of style, so naturally you want it to coordinate perfectly with whatever you’re wearing. In order to have a watch that goes with everything, many men choose to purchase more than one timepiece, which can become expensive. N Plus One Watches is seeking to solve the problem of how to get the perfect watch to go with everything with their innovative new timepiece design.

What makes the N Plus One watch unique is the design of its round case. Instead of coming with a fixed bezel, the case has an interchangeable crown-less design that makes it possible to add a different bezel in seconds. The initial offering will include black smooth, silver smooth, rose gold smooth, black knurled, silver knurled and rose gold knurled bezels with timepieces being sold with three or six of the bezels.

To bring the N Plus One watch to market, the designers behind the micro brand are raising funds through an Indiegogo campaign. The company has set a flexible funding goal of $15,000. With 17 days left in the campaign, N Plus One had raised $200 from two backers, meaning that there were hundreds of rewards left to claim at the time that this profile was written. Backers can choose from different packages of watches and bezels and get the new N Plus One watch for a discounted price.

ONE design watch

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