The Evolution of NATO Straps

What is a NATO Strap?
NATO straps are popular watch straps made of nylon that are traditionally used in men’s watches. These straps come with basic buckles and may also have a striped design to make it more appealing.

The common misconception about NATO straps
Around the world, many people believe that the NATO watch straps are somehow related to the actual NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) because they share the same name. However, the truth is far from this. These straps are not issued by NATO and have no relation with the organization.

The History of NATO Strap
NATO straps began to be issued by the British Ministry of Defence in the 1960s to its soldiers. These nylon straps were an essential part of the soldiers’ uniforms and were then known as “G10”. The military wisely chose nylon as the material for the strap as it is rough and tough, light and can be easily taken off in contrast to conventional strap materials like leather. The hardware specification was chrome plated brass. The original military grade G10 strap had a width of 20 mm and was issued in a sole colour Admiralty Grey. It was called G10 because of the name of the form that was used for demand of the strap and other related items from MOD’s inventory.

The initial specifications have been modified now. The official width now stands at 18 mm, although both 18 mm and 20 mm straps are issued by the Ministry of Defence. Also, the fittings are now made of stainless steel. With time, the G10 got its name “NATO” because each strap was uniquely identifiable by the NATO or NSN stock number.

The colourful world of NATO Straps
As mentioned earlier, the NATO strap was originally meant for the British soldiers only. However, the civilians were attracted to it and with time, military surplus stores started maintaining stocks of these straps. The James Bond movies added to the popularity of NATO straps in a huge way. As the Cold War surged towards its end, NATO strap made its way to military surplus stores. Also, Sean Connery was seen sporting these straps in several of James Bond movies in that duration. Soon, it became a new fad among the general public. Manufacturers realized that they could fulfill a customer need by recreating the military straps, leading to the birth of this industry. Today, these straps are available in a number of bright colours in several combinations. The NATO strap combines durability, comfort , style and are also dirt repellent, which has made them stay in the industry for so many decades now.

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