NATO Strap Plus Omega Seamaster Plus North Atlantic = Perfection

There’s nothing better than spotting a pairing that one of our customers posts on Instagram, and we’re excited to bring you our latest find. We love how this entire look works together and are certain that you’ll get some great mix and match inspiration from studying the pairing.

This look comes to us from Jack Russell also known as jackaroni90 and features two of our products: our Vintage Brown Leather NATO strap and our North Atlantic White Gold Anchor Bracelet. The pieces are paired with a handsome Omega Seamaster with a silver case, illuminated hour markers and a black dial and bezel.

The first thing we love about this pairing is how well the NATO strap works with the Omega Seamaster. Instead of opting for black, choosing the chocolate brown coloured leather makes a striking contrast that catches the eye and really sets off the case and dial of the timepiece. At the same time, the brown keeps the watch neutral, so it’s easy to mix with other accessories and to coordinate with many outfits.

Putting the North Atlantic White Gold Anchor Bracelet into the mix shows a masterful skill at pairing. Because the other elements of this look are so dark, the white colour of the nautical bracelet is very vivid and striking. The red and blue work perfectly due to the neutral colours of the timepiece and the NATO strap. Then, the white gold anchor makes the match complete by showing off the same polished finish as the case on the watch.

Well done, Jack and thanks for sharing!

Now that you’ve gotten some design inspiration, why not pick up a NATO strap and a white gold anchor bracelet of your own. Snap a photo of your pairing and post your pic on Instagram and tag us in it. You may end up being Spotted next.

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