WatchBandit Nato Strap

WatchBandit Nato Straps

Want to give your old wristwatch a whole new look? You don’t have to invest in a new timepiece just to change things up. By replacing your watch strap with one of our WatchBandit NATO straps, you can reinvent your timepiece and benefit from enhanced comfort. With dozens of one and two-color designs in 18-millimeter, 20-millimeter and 22-millimeter widths, we have the perfect strap to suit your tastes. The affordable price of the watch straps lets you purchase more than one for less than the cost of replacing your watch. This way, you can change the color of your watch band to complement whatever you’re wearing.

WatchBandit NATO watch straps have the same design as the standard issue watch straps approved by the British Ministry of Defense for soldiers to wear during the 1960s. As you can imagine, military service members needed ultra durable watch bands that were also flexible and comfortable. By recreating this military-style watch strap in modern colors and patterns, WatchBandit NATO straps offer unparalleled durability and maximum comfort with plenty of contemporary style.

To make WatchBandit Nato watch straps the absolute best watch strap replacements for men’s watches, only the finest of materials are used in their construction. Made by hand, the canvas straps are fashioned out of 1.2-millimeter premium nylon, the perfect thickness to ensure that the strap is sturdy but not too hard. The fittings on the band are polished 304 stainless steel, and the 13 holes on each 28-centimeter strap are heat sealed, so they won’t tear or rip. See the whole NATO strap collection here.

Nato Strap in colours

Colorful WatchBandit Nato Straps

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