NATO Watch Bands for Sports Fans

Is your favourite day any day when your hometown or national team takes to the field? If you’re a super sports fan, you want to show off your pride for the team on game day in a big way. You’ve got a closet full of jerseys and hats that you can put on when game day arrives, but have you ever thought about changing the look of your watch to symbolise your team pride? With NATO watch bands you can!

A NATO watch band is a nylon canvas strap that can be used to replace any conventional watch band. You can easily change the watch strap using an inexpensive tool called a spring bar remover, which we sell here at WatchBandit. You can switch your watch band on game day and then change it back for work or special occasions again and again.

Some NATO band designs at WatchBandit were actually designed with national colours in mind like our Polished Germany NATO Strap in black, red and yellow and our Polished Red, White and Blue NATO Strap, which is perfect for American, English and French sports fans. If you can’t find a hue to suit your needs in the striped collection, you can choose a solid coloured band in one of your team’s hues.

At WatchBandit, we have NATO watch bands in a wide variety of colours and patterns, so you’re sure to find something that will match your team’s colours. Shop the collection now to find the right band to show your support!

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