Nautical Bracelet and Anicorn Watch Match-Ups

We’re excited about adding Anicorn timepieces to our collection of men’s watches, and what better way could there be to celebrate their arrival than by mixing them up with some of our signature nautical bracelet designs? We spent a little time coming up with some pairings for these modern watches.

Here are two of our favourite combos:

Anicorn Black & Blue Watch PLUS Tasman Nautical Rope Bracelet

It doesn’t get better than this! The royal blue accent on the dial of the Anicorn Black & Blue Watch really pops when you place it beside the Tasman Nautical Rope Bracelet. We like this pairing because it’s a reverse of the timepiece with blue as the dominant colour and black as the accent colour. Plus, the touch of red adds a third colour to the look.

Anicorn Black & Red Watch PLUS Irish Nautical Rope Bracelet

We used contrasting colours to put this look together and love the way it brightens up the Anicorn Black & Red Watch. Green and red are opposing colours, so placing them near each other always makes a bold statement. The addition of the red in the accent colours of the Irish Nautical Rope Bracelet complements the accent colour of the dial, and the white and blue help this combo pair with more colours in a man’s wardrobe.

A nautical bracelet from WatchBandit can be a fashionable complement to any men’s watch, not just for the cool timepieces in the Anicorn collection. Browse our selection now and see what you discover to pair with your favourite watch!

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