Nealta Watches: Affordable, Quality Timepieces from Hong Kong

Aviation and watches have long been tied together. After all, some of the very first wristwatches ever made were developed for fighter pilots to wear in the cockpits. Now, a brand new watch brand is looking to classic aviation for inspiration for their line of timepieces–Nealta Pilot Watches.

Based in Hong Kong, Nealta is a niche watch brand created by designers with a passion for modern design. Their new pilot watch borrows a number of features from aircraft. The thick hands are meant to look like a propeller, while the numbers on the dials are patterned after those found on the instrumental panels within cockpits. The watch bands are fashioned out of genuine leather, bringing to mind the pilot jackets worn by fighter pilots.

The designers behind Nealta have teamed up with a local factory in Hong Kong to have their new timepieces produced. By working directly with the factory, the brand has been able to keep the cost of their new watches incredibly low with price points of $200 or less.

To introduce their new pilot watch, the designers at Nealta watches have launched a Kickstarter campaign. They hope to raise $15,000 before the campaign expires on Friday, February 26, 2016. At the time that this profile was written, the company had already received nearly $4,000 in pledges from more than 35 backers. There were many rewards left to be claimed, giving gents a chance to be among the first to own a Nealta watch.

(Picture by Nealta Watches)

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