William L. 1985 Makes Vintage Style Watches Affordable

Even though modern watches have definite appeal, there is something unmistakably sophisticated about vintage timepieces. The only problem is that for most men, a true antique watch just isn’t a practical investment. Not only are vintage watches from top Swiss brands incredibly expensive, but there is always worry about how long the watches will run before they require costly repairs.

Now, there is a new way for men to enjoy all the style of vintage watches without having to pay a small fortune for a timepiece. A new watch brand called William L. 1985 created by watch collector Guillaume Laidet offers men the opportunity to buy a vintage chronograph watch that is built in accordance with modern standards out of premium parts, including a Quartz Japan Miyota 6S21 movement. The timepiece includes a chronograph with a telemeter, a date display window and a secondhand dial and is protected by double domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on both sides for a perfectly transparent finish.

It’s clear that there is a definite demand for vintage style timepieces that don’t cost a fortune. The Kickstarter launched by Guillaume Laidet to bring William L. 1985 vintage watches to the market is going amazingly well. At the time that this post was written, the campaign had already received $95,854 worth of pledges from 618 backers. The original goal was only $44,567, so the campaign has brought in more than double what was asked for, and there are still 16 days to go.

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