New Watch Brand and Concept by Undone Watches

Increasingly, men are looking for timepieces that are not only functional and fashionable, but also one of a kind. More and more gentlemen are interested in purchasing custom designed timepieces, but in the past, that has meant having to pay exorbitant prices to purchase a watch. One new brand, Undone, is seeking to undo that convention with a line of fully customizable timepieces available at affordable prices.

The idea behind Undone watches is that men should be able to create their own timepieces and have something uniquely made for them. The process begins by selecting a core design with a black, gun metal grey, silver, yellow gold, rose gold or chocolate brown case. From there, men can choose:

– The color of the ceramic bezel with polished indices from four different shades

– The style of the dial from 18 different original looks, four camouflage patterns and a number of special edition designs

– The look of the hands with three styles each available in an assortment of colors

– The movement system, which includes either a black or white date display

– The strap type and color with honween oil tanned leather, Italian leather, rubber, suede, alligator print and military options

– A printed glass case back or a solid case back

Undone watches can be purchased directly here at WatchBandit. The starting price for their current timepiece design, the Aqua, is just $450 with up charges for some customization options. The brand plans to unveil two new styles–the Hemisphere and the Terrain–in the near future.

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