In the past, timepieces have largely been produced for a single function. Sports and tactical watches are built tough for extreme environments, while fashion and dress watches are constructed to help a man dress to impress. North 22 is an artisan watch brand committed to changing that by creating watches that easily transition from the boardroom to the great outdoors.

Inspired by Northern Living 

North 22 gets its name from its birthplace, a simple basement in a home located 22 kilometers north of Stockholm, Sweden. It was here that the brand’s founders came together to create a watch that was distinctly Scandinavian but sure to appeal to gentlemen of discriminating tastes from around the world. The beauty and rich history of Scandinavia served as the inspiration for the North 22 collection. Offshore seasacks, viking runes and the natural world all captured the imaginations of the designers and found their way into the concepts for the first North 22 designs.

Stylish Form and Impressive Function

Life in Scandinavia requires a certain ruggedness. In the summer, sunlight is intense and weather can quickly turn hot. Winters are bitter cold and require plenty of protection from arctic blasts. Springs can be extremely wet, and autumns very windy. When creating the North 22 collection, the designers sought to create a watch that could stand up to all of the seasonal extremes that mark the Scandinavian experience, ensuring that the watch was a durable solution for men all over the world. At the same time, the designers have taken great care to ensure that the watches reflect modern Scandinavian design, finally making it possible to get a high-performance timepiece that is also appealing to the eye.

Impeccable Quality 

North 22 is fully dedicated to producing timepieces of unparalleled quality. Production takes place under very strict quality controls. Before each wristwatch is packaged, it is put through a series of tests to ensure that it meets the brand’s high standards. Only the finest of materials go into North 22, including reliable Japanese quartz movement systems. Extremely scratch-resistant sapphire glass is used to protect each North 22 watch. Straps are carefully crafted from durable nylon or supple cow hide leather, and each watch is hand polished prior to shipping.

An Array of Styles 

In the North 22 timepiece collection, you’ll find men’s watches to suit every taste and location. The timepieces are named after cities in Sweden, and each one is inspired by the unique character of the town with which it shares its name. North 22 uses a minimalistic modern dial design, mixing and matching it with a variety of band styles. Whether you’re looking for a traditional watch with a smooth or braided leather band or a striking contemporary watch with a patterned strap, there is something in the North 22 collection that is sure to appeal to you. The brand also offers all of their straps for purchase without a dial, so that men can change the look of their timepieces to suit any occasion.

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