ochs und junior Watches: Minimalism at its Finest

Take a step back from intricate watchmaking ideology and take a look at the minimalist future of timepieces. When it comes to their fine watchmaking, ochs und junior is all about simplicity. They want to break down the idea that having an elegant watch means having incredibly intricate inner workings and instead realize you only need the simplest of components to compose an incredible timepiece. In their experience, they have realized that the simpler the mechanics of the watches, the more reliable they are, which also makes them easier to service.

In light of their belief of simplicity over complication, ochs und junior produces a maximum amount of 300 watches per year. This keeps the production as simple as their watches and allows their timepieces to stray away from the tastes of the masses, leaving you with a watch that is just your own. There are no logos or text inscriptions on the watch, further bowing down to the minimalist, modern appeal.

While their watches are Swiss made, they also have roots all over parts of Europe to give them a unique flair that is unmatched. There are Swiss movements involved, and the leather for the straps comes from Germany, and is stitched together in France. The dials made in Switzerland are printed with care in Germany as well.

You may purchase these beautiful watches at their store in Switzerland. If you are further away from Switzerland than you’d like, you can purchase them online on their website. Prices range anywhere from 8,000 CHF to 22,000 CHF.

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