Old Meets New: WatchBandit and Seiko

Seiko grew out of a single jewelry shop that opened in Tokyo in 1881 and has become one of the largest manufacturers of watches in the world. People love Seiko due to their advanced features, which come at a remarkably affordable price when compared to Swiss made watches. While Seiko is constantly unveiling trendy new styles, the vintage designs from the Japanese watchmaker are still every bit as coveted and are favorites among many collectors.

If you have a much-loved vintage Seiko in your collection, you likely show it off as often as you can. But what if you want to mix things up a little and give your Seiko and updated look? Wearing it beside a WatchBandit Anchor Bracelet can give you a cool new look with your favorite watch. We put together this pairing with our WatchBandit South Pacific Anchor Bracelet and a Vintage chronograph automatic Seiko as shown here.

So how can you get a cool look from your Seiko and a WatchBandit anchor bracelet? Follow our lead by picking a style with an anchor that matches the bracelet tone of your timepiece. For a look like this one, find a bracelet with the same color family as the dial. You can see how this is done with the pale yellow Seiko and the bold yellow bracelet. Then, look for other colors to bring out the red of the second hand. The royal blue also echoes the contrast of the black details on the dial.

Get your perfect pairing for your vintage Seiko by shopping the WatchBandit anchor bracelet collection now.

(Owners WristShot by abewd)

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