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Oliver Coen – Began As A Dream To Create High Quality Watches

Oliver Coen began his watchmaking with a dream to create and sell high-quality watches. They began as experimental designs that have transformed into a luxurious style that cannot be duplicated. These precise watches are smart and casual, offering a professional, yet versatile look to all of its wearers.

Oliver Coen watches begin with a polished stainless steel case that offers a beautiful housing for the dials. The dials are made with eggshell white coloring that provides the gold or silver toned case a platform to shine from. The watch comes with three different subdials that measure the seconds, minutes and the hours with beautiful ease. The display of the date is positioned at the 4 o’clock setting. Protecting the dial is a hardened mineral glass that can resist any sort of scratches or dents. Inside, there is a Japanese chronograph movement that keeps the time with ease. These watches are safe in the water with a rating on these Oliver Coen watches of 3ATM. Attaching the strap to the wrist is a genuine leather Italian strap that becomes more supple and soft over time, giving it a more handsome appeal with every wear. The strap measures 22 millimeters in width.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized reseller of Oliver Coen watches, you can see the full collection here.

Oliver Coen Watches

3 thoughts on “Oliver Coen – Began As A Dream To Create High Quality Watches

  1. Ryan says:

    Oliver Coen is a scam! They advertise a “lifetime warranty” and free returns but they do not respond to attempts to contact them. All of the reviews on their website are fake. I posted about my negative experience as a verified buyer and it did not show up on their website. STAY AWAY

    1. Mick says:

      sorry to hear about your experience Ryan, thanks for the warning.

  2. Scott says:

    I have the Berkeley. It is an okay looking fashion watch. In fact, it is a re-branded Chinese quartz watch with slick marketing. Nothing wrong with that per say, but you can get the same watch for pennies on Alibaba or similar Chinese site.

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