One Rolex DateJust, Double the Strap Possibilities

This edition of Spotted features a photo shared by Instagram user @gmtfanatic, whose stylings we’ve Spotted before. We love this photo because it shows how two different straps can work equally well with one timepiece, giving you the freedom to choose the one that’s perfect for your ensemble or the occasion.

This look features a Rolex DateJust timepiece with a royal blue dial, the classic silver coin edge bezel and a silver toned case. With it, @gmtfanatic placed two of our 20-millimeter Perlon Watch Straps: the blue and the black. The black with this timepiece would go with virtually anything and contrasts handsomely with the dial and the case. The blue accentuates the colour of the dial and makes the timepiece appear more luminous.

Thanks for posting, @gmtfanatic! Hope to see more of your photos!

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