One Watch and Four NATO Straps

A timepiece like the Miro Black and Chocolate Watch is perfection on its own, but it can be fun to make it over with the help of a new watch strap every now and again.

To give you some tips on how you can mix and match different NATO straps with one timepiece, we put together some of these pairings for the Swedish timepieces:

  1. Grey, Black & White Polished NATO Strap
    The cool grey of this canvas watch strap is a perfect match for the sleek finish of the watch’s case, while the black stripes accentuate the case. The touches of white brighten up the look and add a fashionable finishing touch.
  2. Red Polished NATO Strap
    This bold red watch strap makes the second hand on the understated face of the Miro Black and Chocolate Watch really pop and gives the minimalistic design a whole new appearance.
  3. Black and Red Polished NATO Strap
    The wide black and red stripes on this NATO band offset the dial and second hand of the Miro Black and Chocolate Watch but have a subtler effect than using the solid red.
  4. Purple Polished NATO Strap
    For those occasions when you really want to stand out from the crowd, you can pick one colour from a timepiece and then choose a complementary hue for your strap like the purple of this band and the red of the hand.

Now that you’ve seen some examples of pairings, you’re ready to start shopping our collection of NATO straps to find new ways to transform your favourite watches! We have a huge selection of colours, and designs, so check out all of the options now.

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