Orange You Glad You Saw This Seiko?

Couldn’t help the pun! We certainly were glad when we Spotted this really stylish pairing that @ouwensjw shared on Instagram, though. Colourful layered looks always make a big impact, and this one is especially vibrant in a way that we really love.

The star of this pairing is a Seiko Diver Watch with a dazzling orange dial. @ouwensjw paired it with one of our orange Black Anchor bracelets, and the grouping works so well for a number of reasons. Of course, the orange on the dial matches the nylon maritime rope of the bracelet, but the white accent fibres also bring out the tone of the hour markers. Add to that the black finish of the anchor beside the black trim on the hands, and you’ve got one really fashionable look.

Great photo, @ouwensjw! Thanks so much for sharing!

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