Orient Watches: Bringing Japanese Watches to the World

Japan has long been known as a center for innovation, and during the 20th century, the country emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality watches around the globe. Orient watches have long been one of the key innovators in the world of watch-making, and today, their designs provide stylish, affordable and reliable time-keeping options for women and men alike.

In 1901, Orient was founded to produce mechanical watches in small batches for a select clientele. Over the years as demand grew, Orient expanded and by 1950 was producing watches on a large scale to sell to customers around the globe. What makes Orient watches especially unique is that the movement systems featured in all of their designs are made by the brand in their workshop. This differs from other timepieces which usually feature Japanese movement systems that are produced by third party manufacturers and then assembled by brands.

Orient watches are available for purchase directly from the manufacturer at their official online store. The brand offers five main collections: the Orient Star dress watch line, the Diver watch line, the sports watch line, the Executive watch line and the classic watch line. Prices begin around $250 and range to $1000 or more for the brand’s top-of-the-line mechanical timepieces. Orient ships to locations around the world; however, the brand does frequently sells out of popular styles. If you’re looking for Orient watches for gifts, be sure to do your shopping early in case there is a wait.

(Picture by Orient Watches)

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