Original Grain Kicks Off New Sustainable Timepiece on Kickstarter

It used to be that it was enough for a timepiece to be functional and fashionable for it to appeal to modern men. Today, gentlemen are increasingly demanding a third key element from their timepieces–they want them to be sustainably designed. Watchmakers who manage to create finely crafted watches that are produced from eco friendly materials, are pleasing to the eye and well constructed have a true advantage. If you want proof of that, you need only look at the success of the launch of The Barrel timepiece from Original Grain.

The Barrel is a handsome two-tone timepiece that is constructed out of premium stainless steel and set with real wood. The idea of a wood and metal timepiece is intriguing enough but Original Grain has made the concept even more unique by using wood that has been reclaimed from aged whiskey barrels in their designs. This creative concept makes Original Grain The Barrel watches very eco friendly and has already launched the brand into the spotlight even though the watch has yet to be released to the public.

In order to bring The Barrel to the market, Original Grain went directly to watch lovers with a Kickstarter campaign. The company needed only $25,000 to launch. At the time this blog post was written, there were still 16 days left in the Kickstarter Campaign, yet Original Grain had already received pledges totalling more than $240,000 from over 1,400 backers located all over the globe. Watch lovers everywhere are keeping a close eye on the campaign to see just how it finishes out come July 25, 2015.

(Picture by Original Grain)

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