Perfect Pairing: A Zulu Strap and Men’s Fashion Bracelets

What could be more stylish than a camouflage nylon zulu strap on a sleek timepiece? How about one placed beside a designer bracelet for men? We love the layered look that you can achieve by mixing and matching the right bracelets with the right watch strap. Here are some of our favorite picks to put with our Camo 6 PVD Zulu Strap.

1. Zulu Plus Camouflage Paracord Bracelet. Talk about a match made in heaven! The colours of this paracord bracelet bring out all of the hues in the camouflage Zulu strap, and the braided texture is a fun contrast with the nylon canvas.

2. Zulu Plus Black Braided Leather Bracelet. This bracelet offsets the drab olive background of the camo print on the watch strap. The braiding of the bracelet adds texture to the look, and the colour will bring out the PVD plating on the hardware when you turn your wrist.

3. Zulu Plus Buddha Jasper Agate ONYX Bracelet. Shimmering, sleek beads in black onyx and earthy Jasper agate add intrigue to the look of the Zulu watch strap. The colours mix well with the camouflage pattern, and the Buddha bead adds an unexpected final detail.

4. Zulu Plus Deep Baffin Sea Black Anchor Bracelet. Pale blue-gray with khaki? It may not be an obvious pairing, but the effect is quite striking. The black PVD coatings on the anchor and on the hardware tie the look together.

These are just a few ideas for how you can style a watch that’s been given a modern, rugged look with one of our Zulu straps. Pick up a strap and browse our bracelets collection to come up with some pairings of your own.

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