The Stylish Appeal of Perlon Strap Watches

Leather straps and metal bracelets are classic choices for watch bands, but a new material is quickly gaining massive popularity and becoming as much of a staple in the industry as the traditional material–Perlon! Perlon Strap Watches are now being offered by some of the preeminent designers in the world of watchmaking and have distinctive appeal for men and women.

Perlon is a synthetic material made out of nylon fibres that are made into loops and then linked together, forming a tight weave. Compared to watches with metal bracelets, Perlon Strap Watches are a fraction of the weight, so they are very popular for wear during sports and exercise. Unlike leather, Perlon is water-resistant and won’t become marked or otherwise damaged by rain or washing your hands while wearing your watch. Plus, the bands on Perlon Strap Watches are incredibly flexible, allowing you full, comfortable movement of your wrist with nothing to hold you back.

If the features of Perlon Strap Watches sound like a great fit for your needs, you don’t have to invest in a brand new wristwatch to get all of the benefits of Perlon. WatchBandit offers replacement Perlon straps that can coordinate with any timepiece case. This way, you can keep the watch that you love while getting the comfort, durability and style that comes with Perlon Strap Watches. Shop our complete selection of colourful, artisan-crafted Perlon watch bands now, and we’ll get a brand new strap on its way to you quickly.

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