Fashionable Perlon Watch Straps from WatchBandit

It’s easy to lose track of the time when you’re enjoying the summer sun, so you don’t want to leave your wristwatch at home when you’re playing sports, hitting the beach or heading out on a hike. At the same time, you want to make sure that your timepiece can stand up to the wear and tear of your favourite outdoor past times. Changing out your watch strap for one of our WatchBandit Perlon Watch Straps is the perfect way to get your watch in gear for outdoor recreation and look stylish in the process.

WatchBandit Perlon Watch Straps are made from Perlon, a type of nylon that is constructed in a unique way that adds extra polymers to the construction of the fibres. As a result, Perlon offers superior strength and resistance to wear and tear when compared to other types of nylon. This makes Watch Bandit Perlon Watch Straps an ideal choice for taking on rugged terrains, engaging in contact sports or wearing while enjoying the sandy landscapes of the beach. The straps are plaited, which adds to their strength.

Despite the remarkable durability of WatchBandit Perlon Watch Straps, these replacement watch straps are still very flexible and light in weight, making them a pleasure to wear. The straps are easy to adjust and remain well secured with their stainless steel buckles. The straps are available in an array of fashionable colours, see the whole collection here.

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