Pheidippides Watches Hourglass Watch: A Watch Unlike Any Other

For centuries, watches remained pretty much the same with two or three hands sweeping a track of markers to tell the time. Even new takes on time-keeping typically look pretty much like your average watch with just a few small tweaks to make their design unique.

Until now.

Dutch watch brand Pheidippides Watches has dramatically rethought the wristwatch with their new Pheidippides Watches Hourglass Watch.


When you first see the Pheidippides Watches Hourglass Watch, it’s difficult to know you’re even looking at a watch. You can’t help but stare and marvel at just what you’re looking at.

That’s because the Pheidippides Watches Hourglass Watch has absolutely no markings on its dial. All you see is a single hand standing out against the color of the very unique glass box case that was custom designed for the timepiece. When you tilt your head, you’ll see the hour markers are printed along the side of the dial, putting a whole new spin on timekeeping. The watch features Swiss parts and was meticulously crafted in Germany.

So what makes the Hourglass Watch from Pheidippides Watches extra special? Here are some of the features we think is great:

  • the use of a patented hardening process making the watch case super scratch resistant
  • the variety of straps that give the watch a look anywhere between distinctly dressy to very playful
  • the availability of both brushed and polished finishing
  • the use of an STP5-15 Swiss made automatic movement visible through a large sapphire glass in the screw in case back.


The Pheidippides Watches Hourglass Watch is being introduced to the market through Kickstarter. A goal of $54,327 was set for the campaign, and with 6 days to go at the time of writing, the brand has generated $14,420 in pledges. There were many rewards left to claim, giving individuals who want to be a part of this unique revolution in watch design plenty of chances to own a Pheidippides Watches Hourglass Watch at a discounted price.

Main features from the Hourglass:

  • Polished or brushed stainless steel case, 41mm in diameter, 12.0mm thick, 50mm lug-to-lug
  • Polished or brushed stainless steel back, screw-in, see-through and engraved
  • Nickel free stainless steel hardened to a sheer scratch resistant surface
  • Matte lacquered (pastel) colored dial in blue, rosé, green, yellow, sand or white
  • Sapphire glasses, box and bottom, anti-reflective coating on inside
  • Swiss mechanical automatic movement: STP5-15 by Swiss Technology Production
  • French genuine goat leather strap, 22/20mm tapered, in several colors
  • Polished stainless steel folding buckle, 20mm
  • 5 bar water resistance

You can get the Hourglass on Kickstarter

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