Pheidippides Watches: Truly Unique, Truly Artisan Crafted

While every timepiece has its own unique features that set it apart from others, few watches really stand out for being one of a kind. This is especially true of the watches from micro brands that typically share many of the same features with one another. A Dutch micro brand called Pheidippides Watches has managed to do something other brands have not–make a watch that is truly one of a kind.

The new Porthole automatic watch from Pheidippides Watches catches the eye immediately. The watch has a perfectly round case finished with bronze for rich color that is a departure from the usual silver, gold and black. A dazzling blue dial pops against the color of the metal, further distinguishing the watch from others. The hour markers add to its unique character as they are raised dots that echo the shape of the case. Stout broad hands with circular cutouts round the details. Made from Swiss parts, the watches are artisan crafted in Germany for an exceptional level of quality.

To bring the Porthole Watch from Pheidippides Watches to market, the watchmaker behind the brand has started a campaign on Indiegogo. He hopes to raise a little over $45,000. When this piece was written, 2 months remained in the campaign, and nearly $4,500 had been pledged. Many rewards were still ready to be claimed, meaning there is still time for gents to get in on this product launch and buy one of these distinctive handcrafted watches at a discounted price.

(Picture by Pheidippides Watches)

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