Photo Blog Makes a Leap Into Watch Design

If you follow men’s fashion, you might have heard of Weird.H before. Since 2011, Weird.H has been one of the top photo blogs focused on Asian fashion trends. Based out of Hong Kong, the site presents new fashion trends in image form, showcasing what’s new in everything from accessories to suits and ties. Watches have always been part of the very attractive, compelling photo spreads featured on Weird.H, and now, the fashion mavens behind the blog are trying to fill their images with watches of their own design.

Weird.H has been working on their own timepiece for some time and has developed a very modern, yet classically inspired timepiece. In fact, the name of the watch is the Weird.H Classic Watch because of its timeless appeal. The timepiece has a 38-millimeter steel case that is perfectly round and is powered by a Japanese Miyota 1L40 quartz movement system. The timepiece is being offered with black and white dials and with genuine leather and canvas NATO straps.

When this intro to the Weird.H Classic Watch was written, the Kickstarter campaign to launch the new timepiece had 6 days remaining. At that time, Weird.H had managed to muster 37 backers and raise $2,248 toward a goal of $15,252. The campaign was slated to close on October 3 2015. It will be interesting to see if Weird.H can encourage enough of their leaders to support the campaign and make The Classic Watch a reality.

(Picture by Weird.H)

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