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The Watch Stand – Single Stand – Silver


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The Watch Stand is a simple and elegant place to store your watch. Your watch will be displayed beautifully on this stand while offering easy access for those times that you want to wear it or take it off at the end of the day. Keep it on your dresser, side table, or in your cabinet.

The Watch Stand will help prevent the inevitable scratches and blemishes that build up when putting your watch on a hard surface or save you the time of having to put the watch in its case.

The Watch Stand is handcrafted in Europe with the finest leather and marble from Italy. Our logo is engraved on the bottom side of the stone.


Marble base plate: 11x11cm, 1,9cm thick, 4x soft pads underneath
Cushion: Italian calfskin leather, 9cm wide, 7cm long, 2cm thick
Total height: 14cm
Weight: 666 grams

Natural stones, as the name implies, are products of nature. Variations in texture, color, veining, and pattern will occur. These differences and disparities are part of what makes the stone beautiful. Watches are not included. 

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Based in Stockholm, Sweden, The Watch Stand is an innovative company looking to bring timeless design, handmade artisan quality and top-class European materials to watch stands, watch rolls and other watch accessories.

While watch boxes and watch winders are perfectly good places to store watches over longer periods, the number of steps required to grant you access to your watch makes for a cumbersome experience. This painstaking interaction as you fetch your box, open it, take out the cushion, put on your watch and then put everything away makes you less likely to store your watch correctly when you take it off for short periods. This can lead you to scratch your watch wherever you lay it down. This desire to care for our timepieces is what inspired us to come up with The Watch Stand.

The Watch Stand is a convenient, elegant and luxurious place for you to store your watch, bracelets and other jewellery.


As with most products, innovation comes when a need exists, and our story starts with a need. In 2018, when our founder Soran looked for a product to put his watch when he took his off, he found nothing up to the task. Soran took some sketches of designs he thought would work to his friend Jens and upon seeing a legitimate need for his idea, the pair teamed up.

Their idea was simple. To create a luxurious place to store valuable watches and avoid damage from being stored on nightstands, tables, desks or wherever else someone might put their watch while they aren’t wearing it. With this seemingly simple idea, The Watch Stand was born.

Soon after its launch, The Watch Stand became a hit and Soran, and Jens partnered up with Amar. Amar’s in-depth knowledge of marketing and social media allowed The Watch Stand to expand its reach online and not before long; The Watch Stand had indeed become a success.

Like all products, The Watch Stand took some time to reach maturity. While early versions of the product were satisfactory and built well, they weren’t fulfilling the team’s original vision of the product. The initial concept for The Watch Stand was for it to be so well made, with such luxurious materials, that it would truly deserve to be the resting place for your cherished timepiece.

With this original vision still heavy on their minds, the team moved manufacturing from China to Europe, and in doing so the quality and craftsmanship of The Watch Stand became what it was always meant to be. Compatible with watches of all shapes and sizes.

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