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A WatchBandit anchor bracelet is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a new bracelet that will bring some distinction to your outfits and have you looking on trend. Inspired by the sea, anchor bracelets have a laid-back, casual look that is perfect for going out in the evenings or for sporting on weekends. You can even sport one when you’re dressed up for an edgy accent that is completely unexpected.

The style of anchor bracelets

WatchBandit carries four main styles of anchor bracelets with the defining difference between them being the finish on their anchor clasps. You can choose an from a gold, white gold, rose gold or black anchor hook to suit your tastes. Besides that you can check out the limited WatchBandit Admiral Anchors Special Edition with an outstanding metallic grey Anchor and various bracelet styles.

You may choose to select the anchor color to match the metal from which other accessories that you are wearing are made. For example, if you wear a silver-toned watch and have a platinum wedding ring, a white gold bracelet will make for a perfect match. You can also choose to mix and match metal colours for contrasting styles. In our collection, you’ll find bracelets fashioned out of solid-coloured nylon rope, striped nylon rope and genuine leather cord. They are all one size fits all and can be adjusted to the perfect fit by moving the knots included in the design. Shop our collection of anchor bracelet designs now to find the perfect new accessory.