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Drop your anchor and check out the latest evolution in the design of nautical bracelets. The Matte Gold Anchors collection stands out among a sea of other nautical-inspired pieces due to the unique look of its anchor clasps. A great choice for the gent who wants to keep with the trends while still setting himself apart, this range of anchor bracelets is an update on our classic collection that never fails to impress.

The Matte Gold Anchors feature our traditional anchor clasp but with a twist. The high quality metal anchor has been plated with a thick layer of genuine gold just like our other anchors but its finish has a bold twist. Instead of being polished to a mirror-like shine, the gold has been brushed. The result is a metal anchor with bold metallic colour and a matte finish with only a small touch of luster. Incredibly fashionable, the bracelet’s matte anchor contrasts handsomely with wristwatches and other anchor bracelets in our collection, opening the doors to innovative mix and match looks.

Designed by us and available exclusively here at WatchBandit, the Matte Gold Anchors proudly bear our name along the sides. Like all of our other anchor bracelet styles, these bracelets are made by hand from start to finish, giving them a level of quality that is simply unparalleled. You can count on every detail of the anchor bracelets being picture perfect because an artisan took great pride to produce each one.

The Matte Gold Anchors includes a wide range of colours and looks. We offer the matte gold anchor on premium Italian leather cord for a sophisticated effect and with heavy-duty nylon sailing rope for that true traditional style. Either way, you’ll be getting a bracelet that will stand the test of time and that is easy to adjust for a perfect fit.

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