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Love the look of rope bracelets with nautical flair but always find yourself worried about whether or not the hook or anchor clasp will hold? Now, you can get that trendy, yet timeless look inspired by the sea with extra security by choosing WatchBandit U-Lock Bracelets. Crafted by hand, these designer men’s accessories never fail to make the perfect fashion statement and can last through years of wear.

WatchBandit U-Lock Bracelets are made from heavy-duty nylon rope that is a full 5-millimeters thick. Double layer construction makes the bracelets incredibly durable and ideal for wearing for any activity. The two layers are bound by thick thread in colors of royal blue and silver as a signature feature of the design.

What makes the WatchBandit U-Lock Bracelets truly unique is the special clasp used to secure them. Fashioned out of stainless steel, the clasp is a lock mechanism shaped like a U that you tighten by twisting a screw. Once the clasp is secured, you can be certain that your bracelet will remain in place, even if you’re on the move.

WatchBandit carry a wide array of U-lock bracelets, so you’re sure to find one in a color scheme that will be perfect for mixing and matching with your favorite fashions and accessories. Our WatchBandit U-Lock Bracelets are available for shipping anywhere in the world, and when you spend more than $47 in our online store, we’ll even ship your order for free worldwide.