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Watch Stands at WATCHBANDIT

If you want to store your luxury watch carefully or simply place it on the bedside table or desk, there is often a problem: How do I put my watch down without scratching it?

Either the surface you place it on or a bracelets clasp will scratch your watch from underneath, if you put your watch down carelessly. One would like to prevent this, especially with closed and refined case backs, such as with for example all Rolex watches. Other watches may have a sapphire case back, but even the toughest sapphire crystal can scratch if you’re unlucky

The solution is a watch stand

The advantages are obvious: While you can of course also store your watches in a watch winder, watch box or watch roll, it is a lot more work to store your watches in them and to get them out again. If you only want to take your watch off for a short time, e.g. because you want to jump into the shower or into bed, or it just bothers you at your desk, you should be able to take your watch off and put it back on quickly and for a short time.

Furthermore watch stands are also noble products that look great in your interior and significantly enhance your desk or even the whole room.

The Watch Stand-Watchbandit-Engraved under side

The Watch Stand logo engraved on the bottom side of the stand

A watch stand is a convenient, elegant and luxurious place for your beloved timepieces, bracelets and other jewellery.

Watchbandit only offers watch stands and other accessories for watch storage that are timeless in design, hand-crafted quality and made from premium European materials.