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Bracelets bring added colour and textures to ensembles to add interest to whatever you’re wearing, and they’re hardly just for women. Mens bracelets are incredibly fashionable at the moment and are being worn by gents of all ages. At WatchBandit, we have a carefully curated selection of bracelets for men that reflect the latest trends and are constructed from the finest of materials to stand the test of time. Fishhook bracelets and anchor bracelets are two of the most popular bracelet options for men. Made with either leather or nylon rope, these mens bracelets have decorative fasteners that are shaped either like an anchor or a hook.

Our collection of bracelets includes anchor designs with white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, black and red fasteners and fishhook styles with white gold, yellow gold and rose gold hooks. Whether you choose one of our rope bracelets or one of our leather bracelets, you’ll be able to adjust the design for fit simply by sliding the knots back and forth. We have a range of colours available in both collections of mens bracelets.

Gemstone bracelets have long been worn by men, but the latest looks in gemstones break from the traditional looks worn by generations past. Instead of featuring precious cut stones set in metal, the newest bracelets feature carefully crafted gemstone beads that are strung between pieces of high quality leather cord. Embellishments like carved metal beads are added to some of these bracelet designs as stylish finishing touches.