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For some outfits, a bracelet is the perfect final detail but you don’t want the added shine of metallic materials in your ensemble. When such occasions arise, a WatchBandit black anchor bracelet is the perfect accessory to have in your collection. These designs let you add the fashionable final detail of an anchor bracelet to your ensemble but without the look of gold or silver. Perfect for casual occasions and suitable for wearing individually, layered or with your favourite watch, our black anchor bracelet styles include a wide range of looks with something for every taste.

The handmade anchor bracelets feature a large anchor-shaped hook made out of heavy-duty metal. The anchor fastener is finished with a matte black coating that is added with a process called physical vapour deposition or PVD. The black metal has been permanently bonded to the metal beneath and will never rub off or fade with wear, ensuring that you can show off your black anchor bracelet for years to come.

In our collection, you’ll find black bracelet designs in two different looks. For a luxurious, more refined style, you can choose one of our bracelet options made from genuine Italian leather. If you like the more traditional anchor bracelet look, one of our nautical rope bracelet options is the perfect choice. Both the leather and the nautical rope bracelets are offered in a multitude of colours to give you the perfect piece to pair with your favourite shirts and slacks.