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Love the look of anchor bracelets but prefer something a little more refined than the traditional rope design? A gold anchor bracelet from WatchBandit is the perfect choice. The gold bracelet designs are unique in that they have the simple look of classic anchor bracelets but are made out of very luxurious materials. As a result, they can seamlessly transition from day to night and from casual to professional dress. They’re the perfect choice for everyday wear or for slipping on to add style to an outfit on any given day.

Made by WatchBandit, our gold anchor bracelet designs are constructed out of genuine Italian leather. There is a wide range of colours available from neutral tones like black and brown to brighter looks like red and green. Because only the finest of leathers is used to create each gold bracelet, both the colour and the texture are truly exquisite. The bracelets are one size fits all but adjustable for length.

Sizing a gold anchor bracelet to suit your wrist is as easy as sliding the knots positioned at the sides of the bracelet. The fastener for each of the gold anchor bracelet styles is a large anchor hook crafted out of sturdy metal that has been finished with a layer of yellow gold plating. The plating is thick and durable and is used in place of solid gold to keep the bracelets economical and ensure that the hooks are incredibly sturdy. Every one of the gold bracelet designs is fully handcrafted, adding to the exceptionality of the designs.