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In 1890, Lieutenant Edward Fitzmaurice Inglefield devised a brand new way for raising signaling flags aboard British Naval vessels. Inglefield was looking for a way to fly flags, so that they would unfurl fully and be easily visible from land and sea; however, he sought to make it so that the flags could be flown more closely to the masts or yard arms to simplify hoisting. His invention became known as the Inglefield clip and later on earned the nickname Brummel hook.

Following in the footsteps of the 19th-century British Naval Officer, the designers at WatchBandit have created an innovative update on the design of the classic nautical bracelet. These ultra stylish wrap bracelets bear the hook that was created more than 100 years ago, incorporating it into the design of the handmade bracelets found here in the WatchBandit Brummel Hook Bracelets collection.

Each of the WatchBandit Brummel Hook Bracelets features a stylish Brummel hook clasp. The bracelets are hand fashioned out of Italian leather and nautical nylon ropes, and they are fully adjustable to fit all wrists.

In the WatchBandit Brummel Hook Bracelets collection, you’ll find artisan crafted maritime bracelets that you can wear for any occasion from your nine to five job to after hours events to weekend get-togethers. Shop the full collection now and discover all of the colours offered in this unique line of nautical bracelets. Spend more than 99 € and we’ll ship your order anywhere in the world at no charge!