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Nautical bracelets have been setting fashion trends for years now, but never before have there been sailing-inspired jewelry designs quite like the ones in the Constantin Nautics collection. Like all of the nautical sailing bracelets sold here at WatchBandit, the Constantin Nautics bracelets are completely handcrafted, making them of truly unsurpassed quality. One of these unique bracelets can be worn again and again for everything from casual outings to dressy occasions.

Each of the Constantin Nautics bracelets is produced from ropes that are used aboard sailboats and yachts. In order to serve their purpose on ships, these ropes are woven to ensure strength, water resistance and durability in the face of wear and tear. As a result, the Constantin Nautics bracelets are capable of standing up to the effects of daily wear with the utmost of ease.

Made in three sizes to suit men and women alike, Constantin Nautics bracelets also feature nautical lock closures that add to their stylish designs. The bracelets feature anchor tags in their designs as a whimsical finishing touch. All of the Constantin Nautics bracelets are backed by a 30-day warranty and are packaged in a pillow box and gift bag, making them perfect for giving as presents.