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Looking to change up your wardrobe with a new accessory but want to ensure that you look stylish and in line with the latest trends? WatchBandit Delta Hook Bracelets are the answer! After all, these bracelets feature the universal symbol for change right in their design and allow you to get the cool look of the maritime bracelet that’s setting trends around the world.

WatchBandit Delta Hook Bracelets feature a very unique clasp. With a large loop at one end, a smaller loop at the other and a large, curving hook, the clasp is the exact shape of the lower case delta letter from the Greek alphabet. A symbol of mathematical change, the shape is striking, and it stands out beautifully with its white gold plated finish that is brushed for a satin shine.

Handcrafted by our artisans, the WatchBandit Delta Hook Bracelets are made out of nautical nylon sailing rope. Each design is one size fits all and can be adjusted for length to fit nearly all men and women.

Whether you want a bracelet that goes with everything or one that stands out in a crowd, there is a style in the WatchBandit Delta Hook Bracelets range that will perfectly suit your tastes! The collection includes a wide array of styles, and when you spend more than $47 on your order, we’ll ship it anywhere in the world for free. Check out all of the available styles now and change up your wardrobe with a brand new bracelet.