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Ever since mankind began to create jewellery, gemstones have been used to accentuate the body. Today, trendy gents of all ages are sporting gemstone bracelet designs that bring the ancient tradition to life in the most modern of ways. The latest gemstone bracelet looks are edgy and fashion-forward, and you can find them all at WatchBandit for competitive prices. When you shop with us, you’ll get a bracelet of the absolute best possible quality but be able to easily purchase two or more for the price you might pay for one elsewhere. All of the bracelet designs featured here at WatchBandit are made from genuine precious and semiprecious gemstones.

The gemstones are hand selected to ensure that the bracelet designs are as colourful as possible. After being shaped into perfectly round beads, the gemstones are polished and smoothed to make each one a flawless display of natural colour and shine. Some styles have added precious metal beads, some of which are carved to add character to the designs. At WatchBandit, we have two main styles of gemstone designs. The first is the wrapped bracelet which consists of one or two strands of gemstone beads wrapped around genuine leather cords. The combination of the supple texture of the leather and the smooth sleek quality of the beads makes for a truly stunning effect. The second gemstone bracelet option is our stretch cord look, which features gemstone beads that have been threaded with an expandable elastic cord. With this look, the colour of the beads takes centre stage.