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Beaded bracelets are one of the hottest fashion trends for ladies and gents alike. If you want to show off your sense of style with the absolute finest of beaded bracelet designs, BeadBandit bracelets are the perfect jewelry accessories to add to your collection. Ideal for women and men, these gemstone beaded bracelet also make great jewelry gifts for any occasion.

BeadBandit bracelets are truly the finest quality gemstone bead bracelets for men and women you can purchase online today. Unlike other bracelets that are made from plastic or glass beads, our designs are fashioned out of the finest genuine gemstones. The stones are hand selected to make the color of each bracelet as rich and true as possible. Each one is handcrafted from start to finish with a durable, breakage-resistant stretch cord as the base of the design. We offer these bracelets in sizes Small to Extra Large for a comfortable fit for every wrist, and each bracelet features a sterling silver charm as a stylish finishing touch.

Watch Bandit has a wide selection of BeadBandit bracelets to suit every taste. The large selection of colors makes it easy to find the perfect accessory to complement any outfit or to add a contrasting color to whatever you’re wearing. Don’t forget that beaded gemstone bracelets look just as stylish when stacked up as they do when worn alone. Bring home all of your favorite looks, so you can mix and match and layer on the beaded style to your heart’s content.