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Sometimes, what’s missing from an outfit is a splash of color! The right hint of a hue can tie together a watch and clothing combination or make coats, shirts, pullovers and tees more visually exciting. If you’re looking for a subtle way to bring that touch of fashionable color to your ensembles, you’ve discovered it in BeadBandit 4mm Gemstone Bracelets!

BeadBandit 4mm Gemstone Bracelets are artisan crafted men’s bracelets fashioned out of premium, natural gemstones. While a variety of stones are used to create the designs, all of the beads are 4 millimeters in diameter and have been polished to give them a sleek, smooth texture to complement their striking natural colors. Because the artisans take the time to hand select the beads, each bracelet is one of a kind and truly impressive.

Perfect for wearing alone, in a stack, with a watch or beside a nautical bracelet, BeadBandit 4mm Gemstone Bracelets are very versatile accessories. The stretchable bracelets are sold in four men’s sizes: 18 centimeter Small, 19 centimeter Medium, 20 centimeter Large and 21 centimeter Extra Large.

Whether you prefer earth tones, neutrals, jewel tones or pastels, there are bracelets in the BeadBandit 4mm Gemstone Bracelets collection that are certain to appeal to your fashion sensibilities. Our gemstone bracelets are available for worldwide shipping, and when you spend more than $47, you can have your entire order shipped for free to any destination. Explore the collection now and find your favorite colorful, handcrafted designs.