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Wrap bracelets are one of the hottest trends in jewelry accessories for men and women alike. Bracelets that consist of one or more strands and are made from materials other than precious metals are being shown on the runways, spotted on the arms of famous trendsetters and shown off by everyday people everywhere. WrapBandit bracelets are the perfect way to add that fashionable look to your own ensembles for day or night.

WrapBandit bracelets are wrap bracelets of the absolute best quality. Each bracelet features heavy-duty leather cord that is strong enough to last through years of wear but luxurious against the skin. White gold plated metal toggles or stainless steel clasps are used to secure the bracelets, providing more security than wrap bracelets that are tied or snapped on.

With WrapBandit bracelets, you’re treated to the handsome look of the finest quality genuine gemstones and precious stones. The stone and gem beads used in the design of the wrap bracelets are hand selected, so only those that are richly colored and free of flaws end up in the design. Because the wrap bracelets are handmade, they are truly exceptional. Their artisan craftsmanship makes them one of a kind and allows the wrap bracelets to outlast ones sold elsewhere.

In the WrapBandit bracelets collection, you’ll find an array of fabulous designs with single, double and triple strands. The bracelets adjust for length to ensure a perfect fit for everyone who wears them. Explore the collection now and get in on the wrap bracelet trend.