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Sometimes, you just want a little touch of colour to put a finishing touch on your ensembles. When that mood to slip on a simple style solution strikes, Knot Bracelets from WatchBandit are the perfect men’s bracelets to reach for. While they are bursting with colour, these stylish accessories don’t have any metallic embellishments, making them minimalistic accessories.

Like our anchor and hook bracelets here at WatchBandit, many of our Knot Bracelets are made only from the best quality maritime sailing rope. This rope is constructed out of nylon, a material that is highly resistant to wear and tear. This makes our knot bracelets strong enough to sport every day without worry about them fraying or ripping.

In addition to our maritime sailing rope knot bracelets, we also carry an assortment of leather styles. These knot bracelets are fashioned out of 100 per cent genuine leather from Italy, giving them a luxurious feel to match their striking colours.

Because they have no clasps, knot bracelets are also incredibly secure, so they’re popular with active gents who enjoy the great outdoors, play sports or work out frequently and don’t want to have to remove their bracelets.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, our Knot Bracelets are one size fits all. You can adjust the fit to ensure all day comfort, and the bracelets are so lightweight, that you’ll forget you’re wearing them until someone compliments you on your striking accessory! Explore the Knot Bracelets collection now and discover your favourite styles!